SARMs or the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are the supplements which can help in building body mass while eliminating the stubborn fat storage in the body. It can be consumed as an alternative supplement for steroids to minimize the side effects to the body while offering the right muscle gain as well as the energy for enduring workouts. There are different kinds of SARMs that the fitness freaks and the athletes use, while there are also some unidentified supplements being sold under the SARMs tag. In order to identify the right SARM for your workout, here is a list of the most popular ones used and recommended by experts.


This SARM is the strongest compound in the category which can help in faster lean muscle growth, increased strength and bone health. Since it is the strongest dose of all, it requires equally effective workout sessions and cardio to achieve the best results. One does of RAD140 is around 10-20mgs per day, depending on the type of body.



The MK2866 SARM supplement is an effective compound for bone health and muscle wasting. It is clinically tested to be suitable for mean muscle gain and building the stamina. Athletes use it for building mean muscle while it also helps them with joint strength. The daily dosage of MK2866 should be from 20 to 50mgs per day according to the experts.


This product is currently under clinical testing, which is expected to help in the prevention of muscle wasting. It can directly help in building soft tissues in the body while also improving bone health. Athletes and bodybuilders today use it for muscle gain and increased bone power. A regular dosage of LGD4033 should be around 5 to 20mgs with a daily workout.

MK677 Nutrobal-Ibutamoren

MK677 Nutrobal-Ibutamoren

This is not a SARMs but a growth hormone secretagogue. It helps in increasing the hormone and IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1) in the body. It benefits the body with good sleep quality and increased appetite. With a good work out routine, one can achieve a healthy body, fat loss, and lean muscle mass. It is completely safe to use any time of the day, and the dosage for it is around 12.5-50mgs per day.

GW501516-CArdarine and SR9009-Stenabolic

These two supplements are not completely SARMs but are often mentioned in the same category. Both supplements help in boosting endurance and help in reducing body fat. Both the supplements are safe and do not cause any harm to the hormones of the consumer. Regular doses for both is around 10-20mgs per day.


The main reason for S-4-Andarine’s invention was to treat prostate issues, but today is it being used in the fitness industry as one of the SARMs for cutting down stubborn body fat and build lean muscles. It also offers increased strength for long run workouts and heavy lifting. The daily dose of this supplement is from 25-100mgs per day.