frequently asked questions

1.  How do I register for a course?
  1. Click on a Course you are keen in, and sign up as a New User.
2. Once you log in, you will see a Course Registration Page.
3. Read the Notice and Disclaimer
4. In the Private Event box, select
-> No: If you are an individual from the public.
-> Yes: If you are registering for a private group.
5. Venue and time slot: Select from the drop down boxes.
Enter any special requests if there is food catering involved.
(eg vegetarian meals for one adult and one child)
6. Click Next

7. The course registation page loads. Scroll down and fill up the empty fields such as Name, Age, NRIC, Address, Medical History etc.
8. Click Add participant.
9. Click Submit
10. "Registration complete" appears in RED.
2.  My child is five years-old, can she join the tree-climbing class?
  Our climbers typically range from 6 to 60 years old. If your child is 5, but has done some physical sports before, he or she is welcome to try our activity, subject to close watching by an accompanying parent or guardian.
3.  I have no prior experience in climbing, is that a problem?
  As long as you can do light household chores and walk up and down the stairs, tree-climbing is for you. You do not need to be in top health condition, but make sure you feel fine that day and that you are medically fit before signing up.

In fact, tree-climbing has been done by physically challenged people in other parts of the world. Hence, the only person stopping you to reach new heights, is yourself!
4.  How safe is tree-climbing?
  TCA has zero accident records in the six years of its establishment. The only 'accidents' are possibly scratches and bumps into the branches.

While that does not imply no accidents in future, we always strive to check our equipment, and do our best to take care of our participants. We also teach our participants safety rules and remind them to take care of their own safety.
5.  What if I do not have any climbing equipment?
  All necessary climbing equipment will be provided for during the class, except for personal materials. For personal items to bring, please go to answer number 8.
6.  Can I go further after the beginners class?
  Definitely! We always encourage our participants to challenge themselves to greater heights. The intermediate courses would teach you to be independent, to have fun in nature, and in taking care of others in risky situations.
7.  What is the group size for tree-climbing classes?
  The beginners' class starts with a minimum group size of 12 to a maximum of about 25. Once group size reaches above 30, we suggest splitting up the group and doing the climb in 2 different sessions, so as to maximize everyone's experience.
8.  What must I bring for tree-climbing lessons?
  Wearing long pants is advised, as you may be sitting on branches. Bring along insect repellent, water bottle and your own gloves if you are afraid of having blisters. Sunscreen is optional as we have plenty of shade under the trees.
9.  What's it like to sleep in a tree?
  Spending a night high in the tree tops is truly magical, approaching a mystical experience. Time seems to stand still as you embrace the surrounding sounds of nature and the tropical breeze. In spite of our tropical warm climate, the treetops are always so breezy and cool.

Because the hammock is tied to the branches and suspended in mid-air, the hammock takes the shape of your body and cradles you to sleep. It probably reminds you of the time when you were a baby, as your mother gently rocked you to sleep.

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