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 Great workout

The upper torso gets a thorough workout. The arms, hands, back, neck and stomach get conditioned through rope climbing. The good part about the exercise is that it is fun and no prodding is needed to initiate participation.

 Build Confidence

Here's an activity that increases one's confidence by getting immediate feedback on one's performance. If you are working the knots correctly, you immediately gain height. It really does not matter how fast you are going, as long as you are going up.

 Self esteem

Once a person has successfully climbed once, they are in a position to support and cheer others on as they climb for their first time. When a person shares with another, their feeling of self worth rises. It only takes one short climb to have a feeling of completion.

 Leadership skills

Here's an opportunity to practice leadership through preparing for a climb, executing a climb, and completing a climb. There is a lot to be done when a group goes out for an excursion or spending a night out high in a tree.


Superb Instructors

Valerie Law

Courses and Pricing


Basic :

Getting High

S$ 52

S$ 55

You start by learning the basic tree climbing safety, practices and ethics. Climbing requires skill, patience and most importantly, courage to overcome your fear of heights.

Intermediate 1 :


S$ 300

S$ 370

Bring your adventurous spirit and courage to new heights, and you'll learn hazard detection, tree selection, throwing techniques, rope placement, knot tying and use and care of equipment.

Intermediate 2 :


S$ 600

S$ 650

In this course, you will learn branch traversing, pitching to a higher branch, and setting up of a tree hammock. A green facilitator status will be conferred to you upon passing a solo climb and traverse using DREC (double rope end climbing).

Advance Session A :


S$ 300

S$ 350

During the course, you will learn about rescue protocols and different rescue techniques in case of emergencies. You will also learn about Event management skills. The skills learnt here are designed to ensure the safety of your students and climbing buddies.

Advance Session B :


You will be required to recap traversing, learn rope placements on very high branches using different techniques, climbing using SRT (Single Rope Technique) and simple rappelling.

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